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Our Estimating Process

We provide a hands on approach to our design process

As the owner of Wood-N-Dreams I will personally come to your location at night or on the weekend as convenient for you to provide you with a free estimate. Together we will review pictures on my laptop of the work we have completed over the past 28 years and discuss our capabilities. Then I will take measurements and photographs as we talk about your ideas for the room(s) that you would like renovated.

Because of our length of time in business I can usually show you a similar room that resembles yours to give you a good idea of what’s possible in your space. I will also let you know, based on my knowledge and expertise, what is possible, what can be done and provide additional ideas that you may not have already considered.

Once we have a basic understanding of what you want, I use a simplified program to generate an estimated range of costs based on the measurements, choice of cabinets and other materials, labor, etc. For example, everything you asked for could be in the range of $21,000-$27,000 or $35,000-42,000 depending on what you want and which cabinet company we go with. With 9 different cabinet lines that we carry plus one that we make ourselves we can work with you to fit your budget.

Once I’m done entering the numbers I will ask you what your budget is. I turn the computer around and hope that we match. Hopefully at this point you like me, my ideas, and now my pricing we then move onto designs. There is no obligation to give an answer at this point but if you would like to move further then we require a deposit. It takes about 6-8 hours to do design work so we ask you to pick a deposit: Option 1: $350 non refundable deposit – We will design your kitchen and make changes as many times as needed to get the result you are looking for. Use this option if you want to purchase your materials elsewhere, but use us for the installation. You will receive a book with measurements and designs which you can take anywhere to shop for materials.

Option 2: $500 fully refundable deposit – We will write up a 6 page, itemized estimate based on the floor plan. This estimate will not provide pricing for each individual item, but with it you can pick and choose what work you want us to do. When you purchase the cabinets from us the $500 deposit is applied as a credit towards the cost. You may use us to do all or part of the labor, hire other sub contractors yourself (i.e. an electrician that you may know) and/or substitute items and make changes to the plan as needed. See below for the comprehensive book that we provide when you contract with us.

We are not a “Kitchen and Bath” showroom that has to sell you cabinets but “Contractors” with a showroom that we use as a sales tool.

Our Contract Book

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About Us

Because many homeowners are unable to move or build a larger home, the thought of realizing that perfect kitchen may seem like a pipe dream. Maybe their budget won't allow a new home or they don't want to leave a good neighborhood even though their home, and in particular, the kitchen is too small.

Regardless of the reason, homeowners may still be able to get that dream kitchen, says Brian Fitzgerald, president of Wood-N Dreams in Scotch Plains. All they need is a good remodeling company. "When people renovate their homes because they have been unable to move, they want the end result to come as close as possible to their dream house,” he says. "Because family and friends congregate in the kitchen more than ever, owners often want more open space, function, and storage in this part of the home, and that's what we can provide," he says. A service-oriented company offering itemized estimates for an entire remodel or just "bits and pieces," as Fitzgerald puts it,Wood-N-Dreams has been performing all aspects of interior remodeling, as well as new construction since 1990.

Form, Function, And Space

Appliances are getting bigger and more varied, but kitchens often have to be remodeled in the existing space. “First and foremost, a kitchen should be functional and spacious enough for a cook to prepare food properly;” Fitzgerald says. "It should also offer enough storage for all kitchen items and appliances, as well as enough space for more than one cook to work simultaneously.” Fitzgerald adds, "The homeowner also should feel as relaxed in the kitchen as in the living room, and the kitchen should increase the value of the home."

The look of kitchens has grown more expansive, a trend that Fitzgerald says helps in blending function with beauty. "Open spaces such as those created by soffits are less popular today,” he says. "Instead, fancy six-inch moldings combine with storage-enhancing 36-inch or 42-inch cabinets. In addition, upper cabinets of different heights can add beauty and interest."

The popularity of stainless steel appliances has played a role in the changing look of kitchens too. They provide an interesting complement to wood cabinets that are stained or painted and glazed.


Read, Set… Remodel!

Before contacting a remodeling comp any, homeowners should consider how much money they can set aside for the work. ''We don't mind· working with clients who haven't made all the decisions about their kitchen,” Fitzgerald says,

"We believe it's our job to point them in the best direction based. on their needs, tastes, and budget, which is why budget is important to consider beforehand!” Wood-N-Dreams carries a variety of brands·of cabinets, countertops, and appliances to fit any budget. "The itemized estimate we provide allows our customers to pick and choose what they want us to do for them, while allowing us to fit their budget," he says. "It's a great feeling when customers say we were the only contractor who took the time to walk them through not only our part but also other parts of the project as well to ensure things are done properly. That's why our tag line is 'From supply to install ...We do it all.’

“Wood-N-Dreams’ showroom is terrific for walk-ins and for serious customers who can come to see what we offer for inspiration;” says Fitzgerald. Then, when a prospective client is ready to begin serious discussions, Wood-N-Dreams visits the home and presents ideas, takes measurements, and estimates the cost based on linear footage of cabinets, countertops, and installation. If this estimate is within the customer 's budget, the homeowner pays a deposit, and the company provides an accurate itemized estimate . The estimate is burned to a CD and given to the customer, at which time he or she can hire the company for all or just parts of the job.

Selection and Service

Because Wood-N-Dreams provides products and services for all budgets, they carry a variety of brand names and stock items, including:

  • Bruce Cabinets by Armstrong, combining affordability and style.
  • Dynasty Cabinets, a semicustom line made by Omega.
  • Omega Cabinets, a fully custom line known for exceptional style and versatility.
  • Brookhaven, a semicustom line.
  • Wood-Mode, a fully custom line.
  • Signature Custom Cabinets, custom cabinets for discerning homeowners.
  • Royal Custom Cabin ets, a high quality custom line crafted in Hillsborough, New Jersey.
  • JSI Cabinets, an affordable, all wood line of stylish, unassembled cabinetry.
  • Kraftmaid, a semicustom line.
  • Wood-N-Dreams, the company's own line of custom cabinets and furniture.

Wood-N-Dreams also offers appliances, tile, and countertop surface materials, including granite, Formica, Corian, and butcher block

Our Commitment

According to Fitzgerald, leaving a customer with "no regrets" is Wood-N-Dreams top priority. "We want to make sure all customers are thrilled with their purchase and believe they got their. money's worth and then some," he says.