A finished basement for your New Jersey home may be right for you. Especially if you have ever wished that there were someplace your kids could go to play while you relax and watch the news before bed. Or maybe you have family that visits frequently or for extended periods of time and wish that you had someplace more comfortable for them to stay. Perhaps you are just looking for a way to create an area in your home that everyone can enjoy and utilize for a number of different purposes. Call us at Wood N Dreams to discuss the installation of a finished basement in your home. We will help you determine if this is a feature that would benefit your unique lifestyle and fit within your vision for your New Jersey home.

What is a Finished Basement?

Before determining if a finished basement is something you’d like to incorporate into your new home, you should have a clear understanding of what the phrase means. After all, you probably wouldn’t consider a basement “finished” if it’s just a damp room with a worn out couch in it. A good rule of thumb when finishing a basement is to make sure the area offers the same level of comfort and amenities as the rest of your house. Regardless of how you plan to utilize your basement, to be considered finished, it should have real walls, flooring, a quality ceiling, electrical outlets, and temperature controls. Don’t forget that there should also be the same safety precautions present in your basement as through the rest of the house, including smoke and CO detectors, as well as an emergency exit. There is also local criteria that must be met in order for your basement to count towards living space in your house. Don’t worry, though, because as licensed and qualified general contractors, we will help to clear up these questions.

What Are the Benefits of a Finished Basement?

There are many benefits to having a finished basement in your New Jersey home. It not only will add value to your home, but also expand the livable space therein. Options for the utilization of your space range from a game room with pool table and bar, a media room with lounge chairs and large screen TV’s, or a playroom for your children. You can add finished rooms for guests to stay comfortably and Wood N Dreams can even install custom cabinetry and closet space to help you get organized. Make sure that your New Jersey finished basement is completed by a skilled contractor that will work with you to make sure all of your expectations are met.


Our estimating process is easy and free! When you choose to work with us you also get ideas, advice and support from our professional interior decorators who will come and help you choose colors, material, cabinetry and even hardware. We always provide advice on the different types of surfaces, quality of manufacturers and finish work.

Here are just a few examples of the many ways you can finish your basement:

  • Game room
  • Children’s playroom
  • Small kitchen/kitchenette
  • Wet or dry bar
  • Media entertainment room
  • Family / Living Room
  • Extra Bedroom(s)