Wood N Dreams has proudly designed and installed fireplace mantels across New Jersey for over a decade. Each mantel that we have worked on proudly bears the signature of our accomplished team.

The fireplace is the primary focal point in fine homes, setting the decorative tone for furnishings around it. Therefore, it deserves some special attention. A richly adorned hearth will not only increase the value of your home, but also, create a lasting charm to be enjoyed for a long time.

Don’t forget that in most homes a fire is burning only a small part of the time and, when there is no fire, the mantel actually takes center stage. A fireplace mantel can be installed in either new or existing homes to lend your fireplace greater character and charm. Whether it’s a simple “shelf mantel” mounted above the firebox, or a full “surround mantel” which encloses the firebox on three sides, a quality mantel will complete your fireplace setting.

Think of a mantel as a major architectural part of your home. The design and construct a beautiful showpiece to frame your fireplace will be a long term investment that should last a lifetime if constructed with tasteful enduring design, fine materials, and discerning eye of the skilled craftsman.


Our estimating process is easy and free! When you choose to work with us you also get ideas, advice and support from our professional interior decorators who will come and help you choose colors, material, and even hardware. We always provide advice on the different types of surfaces, quality of manufacturers and finish work.

We can design and construct the perfect centerpiece for your home using wood, tile or other material. Wood N Dreams is proud to have built quality fireplace mantels in homes all across New Jersey.