Sometimes, no matter how hard you look in the stores, you may never be able to find the right furniture piece for your home or office. Your unique needs and space probably require a custom-built piece. Maybe you are looking for specific cabinets for a hard to fit area, a one-of-a-kind look for that special bathroom vanity, a unit for entertainment or a specially sized desk for your office.

Built In Wall Units

With today’s variety of entertainment systems, televisions and computers a made-to-order wall unit is more practical than ever. Wood N Dreams can build the perfect sized unit to your specifications with the right wood, colors, custom moulding, drawers and cabinets. The options are endless.

Custom Furniture Built Just For You

A personally created furniture piece is a unique accent to your home. When your room has been carefully planned out, but that one piece to set it off is not available in the retail market, look to Wood N Dreams to build the perfect desk, bookcase, table or any other items you have a need for.

Customized Cabinetry, Shelving and Drawers

We understand that valuable space throughout your home needs to be used strategically. Aside from making uniquely designed dovetail drawers, we produce custom kitchen and bathroom drawer inserts, trays, and dividers, along with other specialty inserts for the home. We can create and build the perfectly fitted cabinets in tight corners, spice racks that slide out of sight and shelving with glide-out access.

Our estimating process is easy and free! When you choose to work with us you also get ideas, advice and support from our professional interior decorators who will come and help you choose colors, material, cabinetry and even hardware. We always provide advice on the different types of surfaces, quality of manufacturers and finish work.

We are large enough to deliver efficient service, yet small enough to build customized, detailed pieces in which the client can take an interactive role throughout the design process.