Because it is the busiest room in the home and often the gathering place for family and friends, it makes sense that a good kitchen remodeling job is usually the top priority for homeowners. An updated look and more functional space can create a peaceful atmosphere for the whole family and bring pride when inviting over guests.

Kitchen Remodeling Options

There are several levels of remodeling to consider based on your vision, budget and space. Some cases may require a complete overhaul to replace everything but it isn’t always necessary to do a full rebuild in the room. The main advantage to tearing everything out and starting over is that you will have the option to change the layout of the room, optimizing floorspace and making appliances more accessible. This, however, can be the most expensive route which is why we will review your goals and budget and make suggestions as we discuss options. Sometimes smaller fixes like refacing and replacing appliances may do the trick and won’t require a full rebuild. As experts in this field we will make our suggestions and provide ideas while taking into consideration the current layout, available space, your vision for the perfect kitchen and, as always, your budget.

Perhaps you purchased cabinetry and/or appliances which don’t fit the way you thought they would. That’s okay! We can open up spaces and change cabinets and countertops to fit the new items.

Are your cabinets still in good shape, but you just want a facelift? We can easily reface them to spruce up the room and make the whole kitchen look brand new.

Our estimating process is easy and free! When you choose to work with us you also get ideas, advice and support from our professional interior decorators who will come and help you choose colors, material, cabinetry and even hardware. We always provide advice on the different types of surfaces, quality of manufacturers and finish work.

Here are just a few examples of the many things that we can do for you in your kitchen:

  • Sell and supply cabinetry
  • Install new cabinetry, flooring and/or countertops
  • Install tile, backsplash
  • Remove walls
  • Rearrange floorplans
  • Build kitchen islands